Best Company I’ve Ever Worked With

Don Handly, D.C.

By Don Handly, D.C.

I know this letter is long overdue, however, I wanted to  make sure  your company was as good as it seemed when I first purchased the product.

As you know, I started using ACOM on October 1, 2011. You were very helpful and made the process effortless. You were a true joy to work with. I was up and running within two weeks after purchasing it. This helped me qualify for the “Meaningful Use” last year and the $18,000 incentive!

I was also assigned a personal coach by your company to answer any questions that I might have while setting up the program. While attesting, I had a couple of questions that I called him about. He responded to my questions with expertise and in a very timely manner. I was never left wondering when I was going to get a call.

Of all the companies I have dealt with during my career, I have enjoyed working with ACOM the most. ACOM has shown that they are extremely client oriented and know what they are doing. There were no updates, no down time, no problems connecting. Thank you for making the process of attesting easy.

Software Delivers Total Practice Performance, and an $18,000 Bonus


“We reviewed about seven to eight other products and there was just no comparison. ACOM Health was the only clear choice for us – it offered the whole package, integrating both record keeping and billing into a single solution. This product just makes things so much easier with existing patients. The process is much quicker and the end result is so much more polished. Enhancing our professional appearance with insurance companies, other health care professionals, and personal injury attorneys was definitely a goal that we wanted to meet; we have achieved it.

This product has simply put us way ahead of what other practices are doing and it shows. It has made us money, improved productivity, saved time and improved our overall image. We just can’t ask for anymore than that.

Meeting the government EHR incentive requirements was simply a non-issue. We just used RAPID as we were trained and the incentive payments followed. While receiving this cash was exciting, it was not the driving force behind purchasing RAPID. The cash was a terrific bonus. The incentive program is great and incentive checks come in quickly with RAPID, but just working with RAPID is even more fun! When you put billing and records together, that’s when the practice runs at its best. But if billing and records don’t interact with each other, then you’re not running an optimized practice. That’s why I think every chiropractor should have ACOM.”

David Arnold D.C. and Office Manager Katherine Arnold

Success Finally! Chiropractor Cures Practice Headaches

Practice Management Software Total Practice Performance

“My staff resisted other solutions because they were hard to learn and use, so we would fall behind on documentation hurting relationships with attorneys, referring doctors, and collections.

RAPID Documentation is the most user-friendly solution we’ve seen and the support we get is fast and comprehensive. It makes it easy to keep detailed records and we can get information to attorneys and referring physicians quickly, which helps us with referrals. We recommend it to other doctors enthusiastically.”

Joe Ferrantelli, D.C.

Doctor Finds Success Replacing Another Solution With RAPID


“We have greater confidence in the claims that we submit and feel that if we are denied or audited we can easily validate the medical necessity of our treatments. The software is so intuitive that completing one step usually leads to the next. For new graduates, I say buy it, no matter where you have to get the money, otherwise you’ll always be playing catch-up.”

N. Sikora D.C.

Palm Aire saves Thousands of Dollars in Transcription and Paper Costs


“Although insurers are notorious for not paying, we almost always get paid because we provide so much supporting detail and customize each report to the individual patient. If we encounter resistance, we have all of the evidence we need to support our case.

We conform to Federal mandates for electronic medical records and with minor exceptions, we operate in an efficient, economical paper-free environment. We get perfect scores on state inspections by the Florida Department of Health in our dispensaries. RAPID brought our practice into the 21st Century and enables us to operate at a very favorable level of profitability.”

Thomas More Manidis, D.C.

Solo Practitioner Finds RAPID Key to Streamlined Office; Better, Faster Notes and Reports


“RAPID was not complicated to learn and it is extremely easy to use. Its impact on patient care is very positive, because it frees up time from paperwork that can be devoted to patients or to building out the practice.”

Dr. Michelle Zarzana
Zarzana Chiropractic

Dr. Pete Szakacs is back in the office, lured out of retirement by the prospect of a paperless practice


“It saves time, it produces better reports and more complete documentation, and it gets rid of 95% of the manual activity in the office. It eliminates all of the reasons that I ever left the practice in the first place. Now I can put most of my focus on helping people get and stay well. Who wouldn’t like that?”

Dr. Peter J. Szakacs
Quantum Vitality Centres

Total Health and Wellness Center Digs Out of Paper Avalanche


“This program is everything we were looking for. It combines ease of use with speed, accuracy, and consistency, and is fully customizable for the needs of each individual doctor.

I can complete notes within seconds and easily finish my paperwork by the time the last patient walks out the door, we have been very pleased with the service and support. It saves time, headaches and energy and it makes the office more streamlined and efficient. The consistency and continuity of the RAPID notes and reports, along with the ability to network our offices, makes billing and collections much easier for our office manager.

Attorneys and insurance companies still require the same kinds of notes and reports, but now they can have them within a few minutes, where previously they might have waited for days or weeks. We save a significant amount of time and we have experienced a stark decline in the number of denial letters from insurance firms. All of these factors help improve the functioning and profitability of the practice.”

Dr. Doug Arvanitis
Total Health & Wellness Center

Switching Programs after 8 Years

Dr. Todd Narson, D.C.

“I had been using my previous narrative report & SOAP note program for nearly 8 years when I made the change to RAPID… Although I was thoroughly knowledgeable and comfortable with the other program, I decided to make the change anyway. From my initial evaluation of the ACOM Health Documentation program I   felt it was a better designed, well thought out program…

Overall, my past 10 months with RAPID has been an extremely positive one… The most impressive aspect of the RAPID program is not the program itself, but the open mindedness of company itself. The programmers and program developers are extremely open minded and listen to their doctors about our future “wants” and “needs” in regard to the program. They are truly interested in our complete happiness with the program and make sure all of our suggestions for future changes are discussed with their programmers and physician consultants…

I highly recommend any chiropractor who needs good patient documentation software to demo RAPID. You won’t be sorry.”

Todd M. Narson, DC, CCSP
Family and Sports Chiropractic Center

Dr. Pirner Says “Thank You”


I would like to personally thank you for your product, it has saved me time, increased my collections, and reduced my staff costs!

I no longer worry, if every note will pass all the criteria required for Medicare, and insurance work, and I have 1 – 2 hours per day in time savings, vs. hand written notes. The new system of billing Rapid, has given me a 2 – 4% increase in collected revenue, with less error in posting, and reducing staff payroll by eliminating payroll time spent, retrieving, and filling files.

The staff and I have met the meaningful use criteria with little effort. Thanks to the educational videos, which you can use to instruct your staff in meaningful use, and system training, which has saved me time, and mental health as a doctor also.

My patient files, and reports, are printable at the push of a button. And I know they are of equal quality to any facility or health care professional in the country.

My Medicare patients have adapted readily, and with little complaints. Several exclaimed, “Why my (cardiologist) is on the new electronic records.” And I take that opportunity, to let them know their medical records are secure and safe even if a tornado hit the clinic, unlike the old paper notes. And I can communicate with any doctor with a push of a button.

Thank you for surpassing my expectations in your software product. I am usually slow to change, but this has been such a positive one. And the icing on the cake will be a check from the government for making it.


Dr. Janie Pirner BA, DC, DABCI