We take a holistic approach bringing product, people, and process together into a complete solution built to deliver Total Practice Performance.

Top 8 Reasons to Choose ACOM Health

#8 – Recommended by Industry Experts – (click to view)

Dr. Mario Fucinari

“I took about two years to research numerous software companies. I was very impressed with ACOM Health’s software. Their software could be edited so it really transformed and worked in my office. It’s easy to use, there’s three doctors in our office and within 5 hours of training we were all using RAPID and it has really streamlined our office quite a bit.”

Dr. Fucinari has produced classes and publications on Clinical Documentation and Medicare. He is a worldwide speaker for NCMIC and several state Associations. He was the recipient of the 1998 and the 2003 President’s Award from the Illinois Chiropractic Society for his work with education and training.


Christopher J. Colloca, D.C.

With over 50 peer-reviewed published studies, Dr. Colloca is the most published author in the field of instrument adjusting, and considered by most to be the world authority.

Dear Doctors,

If you’re searching for an all-inclusive EMR system, one that seamlessly incorporates billing and documentation, we can save you an enormous amount of time, energy, and effort. We’ve done an exhaustive, extensive search, including comprehensive detailed side-by-side analyses; we sat on webinars, Skype meetings, conference calls – as well as on site visits and demos with several leading EMR.

What I’m saying is that we essentially left no stone unturned in our efforts to find the EMR system most congruent with our company’s values. The EMR system of choice for Neuromechanical Innovations, the one that we recommend and give our full endorsement to our Impulse® and Impulse iQ® doctors is the ACOM Health – Rapid Software Solutions.


#7 – A True Software Company – Your Information Backbone (click to view)

Your patient treatment, history and billing information is your practice backbone. We understand it. Just like Chiropractic requires years of training and study, software is a specialty that requires singular focus and dedication. With over 29 years of developing & providing document and information processing solutions to healthcare, government & industry, ACOM development experts ensure that our products meet the most stringent standards available.  By adding the knowledge of a team of experienced chiropractors we keep our focus on making great software and augment it with unmatched depth of industry expertise.


#6 – A Solid Company with Long Term Financial Stability – (click to view)

Get the Experience and Software Integrity you need now, and the stability you require for your practice’s future. We’re backed by ACOM Solutions, developing and delivering software solutions for over 29 years; and to over 4,000 customers.

#5 – Implemented Without Disruption for the Practice – (click to view)

Easily implemented, ACOM fits the way your practice works… We just make it run faster and more efficiently!

We are more than just a software vendor, we are your partner. We go the extra mile to assure your success with our solutions providing a complete program of expert assistance and training that takes you from installation to mastery of our solutions.

#4 – A Complete Solution – Extraordinary Patient & Practice Flow – (click to view)

The industry’s most comprehensive solution for EHR and PM built specifically for chiropractic offices. To achieve maximum productivity and minimize manual and redundant tasks you need an end-to-end solution that allows patient and treatment information to move seamlessly between patient intake, billing, scheduling, and documentation/notes systems.

True Paperless Admission

All intake forms, demographic information, subjective complaints, and more can be entered by the patient via a wireless tablet. All information flows seamlessly into the practice management and EHR systems. No rekeying of information, no delays, no paperwork. New patient registration and return visit check-in times are often cut by more than half. Instant availability of key information where and when needed saves the doctor, staff, and patient valuable time.

With RAPID’s complete integration of our Documentation, Practice Management, and electronic Patient Kiosk you will eliminate gaps in your systems that require you or your staff to manually move information between systems. It all adds up to lower costs, less paperwork, and more time for your patients and practice.

ACOM Billing And Collection Services

Software alone is not enough for many practices, they need additional hands and specialized skills.  In those situations we step in and provide ACOM a Billing and Collection Services. Practices struggling with the demands of billing, low reimbursement rates, limited billing expertise, or just overloaded with other responsibilities will benefit greatly. Our customers benefit from lower total cost of billing, increased collections, and accelerated payment, all while they eliminate the frustrating tasks associated with billing and collections.


#3 – Unmatched Focus on Documenting Medical Necessity – (click to view)

RAPID is designed with medical necessity in mind. Step-by-step, the software guides you through a fast, efficient process that backs each claim with a rock-solid case. Claims editing and validation capabilities help minimize rejections that delay payment, reduce collections, and require valuable staff time for correction and resubmission.

You’ll have complete visibility from patient registration, treatment and coding, all the way through billing and claims. Chiropractors have increased awareness and control of their practice at important processing points, with internal checks that help ensure you are working toward meeting Medical Necessity.

The Proactive Solution to Meet any Insurance Challenge

Whether private or public insurance coverage, the challenge of claim information has become an important payer-initiative. So much so, that larger carriers including Medicare, outsource the activity to large 3rd party audit firms. Some industry experts claim that it’s not the question of “if” the insurer will audit you, it the question of “when.”

RAPID EHR helps doctors easily meet these challenges with the ability to maintain the most detailed and comprehensive diagnostic information, immediately accessed electronically.  And with extensive reporting capabilities, practices can quickly produce the information they need to meet any insurance challenge!

After all, doctors get audited, not the business.

#2 – Build Practice Capacity – Increase Practice Value – (click to view)

For chiropractors, productivity is critical. RAPID EHR delivers that productivity—the more productive and efficient the staff and doctor, THE MORE REVENUE GENERATED.

Just take the time and resources required for office staff to handle patient enrollment, medical history data, demographics and related vital input. Then how much time is spent duplicating information?  Now add each patient exam and the time it takes adding SOAP notes, charting, sending a message, or reviewing and signing a test result, and create reports.

Now you can dramatically enhance practice performance, save time, money, improve outcomes and even qualify for stimulus payments with RAPID, the most comprehensive EHR and practice management solution designed for chiropractors.

#1 – 100% Chiropractic – (click to view)

We believe focus brings excellence – ACOM Health’s RAPID Software is a true Chiropractic solution, designed for the chiropractic office and patient environment.  We’re not an  EHR and Practice Management a solution for various medical specialties.  This focus enables us to custom fit our solution to the needs of chiropractors and the challenges they face, just take a demo of our software and you’ll see the difference.


How We Ensure A Smooth Transition