We host your RAPID Chiropractic Software installation on our servers in a highly-secure data center. Off-site backups protect your data, and 24/7 monitoring ensures RAPID will always be available.


Focus on your core practice not your computers

      • No Installation Waiting Time
      • We Provide Server, Operating System & All Software Maintenance and Support
      • 24 X 7 Secure Access
      • Data Security to Meet HIPAA Compliance
      • The Latest Software Upgrades – Automatically
      • 24 Hr. Support, Back-up and Recovery
      • Complete Transferrable System and Database
      • 100% Your System, Database and Back-up



Workstation System Requirements

  • Front Desk / Staff – Standard Computers – No Need for Tablet or Touch Screen PC
  • DC / Provider and Patient Kiosk – Tablet PC or Touch Screen PC is recommended.
Operating System:Windows 7, Windows 8 (no Windows RT), (Vista, XP)* *Newer OS are preferred to older OS such as XP and/or Vista.
CPU/Processor:1.5 GHZ or higher
RAM/Memory:4 GB RAM (minimum); > 4 GB RAM (preferred)
Network Interface Card:Ethernet Card or Wireless Network Card
Software:Microsoft WORD (required for all RAPID DOC and Patient Kiosk Workstations)**
**Full license of MS WORD must be installed on each WorkstationCompatible: WORD: 2007, 2010 or 2013
OFFICE 365: Business, Business Premium, Home
Internet Browser:Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Chrome, and Firefox
Internet Service:5 Mbps or higher (download)
2 Mbps or higher (upload)
– to check your bandwidth visit