RAPID Chiropractic EHR Software Automates the Entire Documentation Cycle

CCHIT Certified as a  ONC-ATCB Complete EHR

Certified complete for the government EHR adoption incentives, RAPID EHR software  for chiropractors automates the entire documentation cycle, from admission and initial visit, to outcome assessments and reporting.

Secure Architecture

  • Driven from a secure database repository, doctors maintain complete control of all diagnosis and treatment information throughout processing to avoid costly office errors, misfiling issues. One of your best tools to ensure claims meet Medical Necessity.

 Interactive Patient Kiosk –  Wireless tablet or touch screen monitor

  • With the use of an interactive Touch Screen, Patients can Check-in, Read and Sign Documents, Enter Medical History and their Complaints via an easy to use graphical input; All information is stored securely and is immediately available to doctors and staff.
  • RAPID Kiosk saves valuable staff time, resources and bottom-line expenses.
  • And RAPID Kiosk is also an automated marketing tool for patients to promote new services,  products and information

Create detailed diagnostic notes and information interactively

  • Generate diagnostic notes with sophisticated drop-downs, interactive visual helpers, intelligent fields and paragraphs
  • Outcomes Assessments allow you to track your patient’s pain and disability through a sequence of questions.
  • Provide your patients immediate feedback without leaving the treatment room.
  • Electronic information is included in the patient file; immediately ready to for billing or to generate comprehensive reports to associates, payers or attorneys with just keystrokes.
  • Pre-loaded chiropractic-specific exam templates to meet your specific clinical needs or practice style.
  • On-screen drawing and notations via touch screen input

Powerful staff and patient workflow automation

  • Your entire practice stays totally in synch, with immediate access to posted diagnosis and vital information in real-time

Whether quickly checking a diagnosis against a procedure or meeting the ever-pervasive pre/post audit requests, ACOM’s RAPID Chiropractic EHR Software provides the instant access chiropractors need to manage their documentation and practice while helping them to meet compliance and liability.