The ACOM approach is to help each chiropractor individually. We work with each client to develop the best match with their practice and business workflow. We want to deliver the best services to achieve the best possible outcomes through our chiropractic EHR software, billing software and services.

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What is ACOM Health’s RAPID Complete Chiropractic Software?

RAPID Complete is a complete software solution for chiropractic offices comprised of modules that support clinical operations and for executing front office tasks like billing, collections and patient scheduling.  It runs in the familiar and universally available Microsoft Windows environment and as a result it is easy to install, learn and use.

How does it save me time?

Doctors report that fully 20 percent of their time is devoted to the notes and reporting processes. ACOM Health software is a time saver both in the clinic and in the front office. It removes the tedium of manual note-taking through the use of visual helpers like graphical diagrams (skeletal and muscular) and checklists that indicate such things as gradations of pain and treatment progress. In the front office, it enables the elimination of paper-based processes up to the establishment of a completely electronic office environment.  In short: faster, better evaluations and diagnoses; accelerated billing, faster collections, lower cost office operations.

How does it help my revenue stream?

RAPID supports clinic revenue in several ways: by enabling faster, more comprehensive patient exams, doctors increase the number of patients they can see in a day; guided examination procedures with forced documentation of medical necessity dramatically reduce challenges by third party payers; customizable text blocks automatically create notes that are clear and precisely reflect what insurers need to see to justify full, fair payment.

How does it work?

RAPID works by automating most of the paper-based processes typically found in chiropractic offices. Patients self-register using a tablet-computer resident form on which they enter their personal and complaint information, opening the case file. The doctor advances the file following an orderly process that moves the exam forward, step-by-step to identify the problem and define treatment. On repeat visits, the software enables the doctor to indicate treatment through a variety of outcomes assessment reports.  On conclusion of treatment, the doctor produces the appropriate final report almost immediately via a few key strokes.  Meanwhile, after each visit, charges are passed through to the business software for immediate billing.

Why does it use a tablet computer?

RAPID software can reside on any desktop, laptop or tablet computer, most ACOM Health-enabled offices use a desktop computer for office work and tablets for the clinical side. Using a laptop brings the advantage or portability as well as the ability for a doctor to easily maintain direct contact with the patient during the exam without diverting attention away to record notes. The same computer used to self-register can follow the patient through the exam and also the various treatments that might be prescribed. Input automatically goes to the patient case file.

How does RAPID support medical necessity?

RAPID supports medical necessity by enforcing a five step process that documents the patient’s history fully; forces a complete exam so that no detail is overlooked; supports diagnosis by establishing an orderly guided process that provides a complaint analysis that considers not only the patient’s basic complaint but also potentially related conditions; automatically links the doctors treatment plan to the findings of the exam and; forces the institution of treatment goals at the outset prior to exiting the on-screen exam form. By observing all of these requirements the doctor is virtually assured of satisfying all payer requirements.

How do I create SOAP notes?

Most SOAP notes are created quickly and easily using helpers on the tablet’s interactive touch screen. The helpers comprise a system of graphical diagrams and automated checklists, each with carefully structured associated blocks of text. When a doctor touches a specific spinal vertebra, for example, a block of text related to that vertebra is added to the exam notes. Correspondingly, a checklist might also be used to indicate the severity of the pain or the limitations in range of motion. Preparing notes in this way speeds up the exam and enables a faster, uninterrupted, more productive patient visit along with establishment of a more personal doctor-patient relationship.

Can I customize my notes?

The standard text blocks are open and ACOM enthusiastically recommends that you customize them to reflect your own style and presentation preferences. Moreover, the software incorporates a randomizing-cloning-mutation feature that you can apply to vary text blocks from report-to-report, allowing you to (1) input notes from the same block when, for example, no discernible change in condition is noted and/or (2) avoid the appearance canned notes.

Can I add scribing to my notes?

Your ability to add hand-scribed observations is unlimited. You simply used the computer’s pen-like stylus to record your observations in handwriting directly on the interactive tablet computer screen. The computer automatically formats the notes and adds them to the patient case file.

How do I file my patient notes and records?

SOAP notes and other records, such as scanned in reports, photos, and diagrams, are stored in a concept-oriented database that defines and orders all input automatically.  This technology is highly favored for electronic medical records because it uses an artificial intelligence engine to essentially mirror the mind of each physician by associating elements from past cases that are the same or similar to the case being seen at that moment. The result is a highly structured patient file in which data is presented in a highly organized manner, is easily accessible, and generally reflects the mind and thinking of the practitioner using it.

Why are electronic files better than paper files?

Electronic files are better than paper files because they are easier to produce, easier to file, easier to edit and modify, and easier to safeguard since they can be replicated in secure, off-site repositories with the touch of a few keys. Moreover, they require little or not clerical handling, and can be used to generate interim and final reports automatically with little or no effort.

How do I produce final reports?

RAPID incorporates final report formats that accommodate all of the report requirements normally encountered by chiropractors. Because the software uses an extremely “intelligent” database, all that is required of the doctor is to select the desired report and send the request to the database.  From there, all interaction is between the report format and the database. The report format automatically instructs the database to extract the necessary information and to insert it appropriately in the report. The automatic process takes only a few minutes and the resulting report is available to be printed, transmitted electronically or both. The report formats are carefully designed to include the right information in the right volume to satisfy the most rigid requirements of third party payers.

Can I generate interim reports as well?

RAPID incorporates a rich inventory of 10 outcomes assessment tools, including: Visual Analog Scale sliders to indicate overall condition, grade of pain and rate of progress; Neck Disability Index questionnaire, in a graphic representation; The Oswestry Index (original, Revised);

The 24 Roland-Morris questions, with an associated graphic; Headache Disability Index; Upper Extremity Pain Questionnaire; Cervical Spine Bournemouth Questionnaire; Lower Back Bournemouth Questionnaire; Lower Extremity Functional Scale. All can be generated on demand.

Are RAPID Documentation reports generally acceptable to third party payers?

Doctors using RAPID universally tell us that since submitting their claims supported by RAPID-generated documentation, their delays, denials and EOB requests have become few and far between.  The reason is that we have taken pains to determine what payers what to see and to design our software to provide it. No more, no less; comprehensive but never overblown.

If I have multiple clinics, can I network them with ACOM Health?

Absolutely. ACOM’s RAPID Complete chiropractic software solution supports the accelerating trend towards chiropractic-centric, multi-specialty, often multi-location pain management practices. It incorporates key features; patient prescription management; centralized multi-location patient scheduling and billing; centralized report management, with sorting by facility; consolidated view of patient’s medical record and documentation by each specialist involved in treatment; inter-specialty workflow and records availability, and more.

How do I back up files?

ACOM does it for you if you have “RAPID BackUp Service” as part of your active maintenance agreement. Alternatively you may choose to use a third party backup service.

Do I have to implement the software myself?

We don’t leave you stranded.  We make it easy by providing full implementation services prior to installation. Most of our products can be downloaded over the Internet. When you get your software we provide the support you need to get up and running and productive as quickly as possible.

Is training available?

Training is part of the deal. We’re proud of the fact that our software is considered top of the line in its field but we also know that if it isn’t used, or isn’t used properly, it is not going to deliver as promised. That could damage our reputation so it is in our best interests to make sure that you and your staff are schooled in the basics right away. We provide comprehensive training by phone, and on the web.  As with most software, in any field, consistent use builds expertise. You will find that your productivity with RAPID will grow rapidly as you use it.

What kind of computer equipment do I need to run RAPID?

Requirements are modest, but vary according to the products purchased and specific needs of each practice. Detailed information about these requirements, configurations, and general costs can be found on the System Requirements page

If I purchase RAPID, can I pay for it over time?

We offer flexible purchase plans for our chiropractic solutions. You can buy it outright, or you can use our PainFree Purchase Plan. Many chiropractors measure their return on investment in weeks or months based on savings alone.


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