Chiropractic EHR Software is one of the best investments a practice can make.

Chiropractic EHR Billing Software TestimonialACOM Health’s chiropractic EHR documentation and notes software makes it easy for doctors to tell a case story that is clear, complete, convincing and to the point thereby maximizing collections and eliminating billing challenges by delivering documentation that comprises exactly what insurers need to see.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplifies Compliance with government and insurance reporting requirements
  • Reduced Costs for labor, chart storage, mailing, printing/copying supplies, transcription
  • Increases Productivity for doctor and staff, eliminating many manual and redundant tasks
  • Improves Care and patient satisfaction
  • Increases Revenue with more complete documentation and improved coding accuracy

Key Fact:

According to a 2010 report by the Medical Group Management Association, independent physician practices with EHR software systems had a median of $49,916 more revenue (after operating costs) per physician than their counterparts using paper-based systems.

We want to focus on enabling clinics to utilize our chiropractic EHR software solutions for more profitable outcomes and streamlined workflow.

Benefits Your Entire Practice

Doctor Benefits of EHR – (click to view)

Clearly establish Medical Necessity

Produce required documentation for insurance and legal parties with just a few clicks

Confidently code for higher levels of service based on  thorough documentation, Point and click access to procedure and treatment codes

Eliminate illegible notes and staff interruptions as they try to decipher your  handwriting so they can bill correctly

Access charts  in seconds, no more searching everywhere for a lost paper chart

Open a patient’s chart on any computer in the office

Give patients handouts, letters, school and work excuses, and other documents right in the exam room, with just a few clicks

Eliminate phone tag: When patients call, answer questions immediately instead of calling back after pulling the paper chart

Share records in just seconds electronically, no more mailing files, envelopes, stamps, printing out documentation

Staff Benefits of EHR – (click to view)

You no longer have to translate handwritten notes into billable services

Save time spent on tedious paperwork, filing, and data entry

Spend more time performing high value functions such as accounts receivable and customer service

Eliminate stress and paperwork backlogs from high traffic periods with automation and streamlined workflow

No more wasting time or interrupting the doctor trying to interpret illegible handwriting

Access charts in seconds – no more searching everywhere for a lost paper chart

Eliminate phone tag: when patients call, answer questions immediately instead of calling back after pulling the paper chart

Send messages to doctor without leaving the front desk or yelling across the office

Share records electronically in just seconds electronically

Patient Benefits of EHR – (click to view)

Improved care and safety with enhanced information access and reduced gaps in  communication between providers

Better customer service from staff due to reduced  administrative workload

Faster registration and check-in

Records can be easily shared with other providers

Medical history is protected with backup electronic copies  easily restored in event of natural disaster

Privacy is protected with encrypted files instead of easily  accessed and copied paper charts

Practice Benefits of EHR – (click to view)

Increased charge capture through better and more complete  documentation of the care provided

Get claims submitted and paid faster by sending detailed  information, including EM and CMT codes, directly to your practice-management  software

Elimination of filing and data entry can enable you to move  staff from filing and data entry duties to assisting with accounts receivable

Reducing storage for paper charts, saving space and money

Reduce staff downtime at the copy machine

Protect your charts from fire, theft, flooding, and  natural disaster with remote backups

Ensure File Security with encrypted files require a specific  code key to read them (unlike with paper records that anyone can read or copy)

Save on dictation and transcription costs

Impress patients with a modern, cutting-edge practice