Reporting: Your Practice, Your Money… Complete Visibility 24 X 7

One of the most common complaints chiropractors have about Chiropractic school is the lack of classes on fair hiring, business management and insurance claim collections. Lower and lower profits per patient make it harder than ever for doctors to run profitable practices.

Q: How do I know you can really increase my claims reimbursements?

While we can’t guarantee a specific number, our customers typically see increases in the 15-20% range and often times more. Take our free Billing Analysis & Scorecard and we will estimate how much we will be able to increase your reimbursements.

Q: How long a term must I commit to use your service?

There is no term, just a month to month agreement with a 30 day notice of termination.

Q: What is your average turnaround time to get reimbursed?

We average less than 35 days for Insurance Payers and 15 days for Medicare.

Q: How do you reduce my accounts receivables?

We accelerate the overall claims submission and collections process while increasing the % of initial submission payments. We immediately follow up on outstanding receivables, denials and no responses, which is why our customers average less than 45 days receivables outstanding.

Q: Can we use the RAPID system at the same time your biller is processing claims?

Yes, your dedicated biller can work on your RAPID system at the same time as your staff without any interference or disruption to their workflow.

Q: How do you reduce my exposure to Insurance audits?

We make sure you code properly and avoid over coding and over charging, which is what typically triggers an audit. We also stay current with government and industry regulations (that constantly change) to avoid billing errors.



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