Steps to Claiming ARRA EHR Stimulus

1. Make sure you have enrollment records in the appropriate systems.

2. Register your application via the EHR Incentive Program Website

Don’t delay!  These first two steps can be done now, regardless of whether or not you have installed, or even purchased, a certified EHR product.

3. Adopt, Utilize, and Demonstrate Meaningful Use of ACOM Health’s RAPID certified EHR.

In the RAPID Software, declare your Meaningful Use stage and measurement period by choosing whether you are seeking incentive payment for stage 1 or stage 2 of Meaningful Use and entering the start date of your reporting period.  The RAPID Software Meaningful Use Dashboard is your scorecard, complete with the numerator and denominator data required during attestation. To claim your incentive payment, simply copy the data from the RAPID Software Meaningful Use Dashboard to the CMS attestation form.

4. Attest to Meaningful Use for calendar year 2014

You may complete attestation only after meeting Meaningful Use for 90 consecutive days in 2014.  There is no monetary penalty for completing attestation prior to achieving the maximum Medicare allowed charges of $24,000, so we recommend you attest as soon as your 90 consecutive days has been met.

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