ARRA Stimulus $24,000 EHR Adoption Incentive for Chiropractors

What is this all about. In the simplest terms the government is encouraging early adoption of EHR solutions with up to $24,000 in incentives, and punishing late adoption with penalties.

 Do Chiropractors Qualify for the Incentve?
YES, Chiropractors have received over $16 million already
 Will Chiropractic EHR Solutions meet the requirements?
YES and ACOM’s RAPID EHR is fully certified
Get everything you need to claim your share of the EHR incentives

In addition to providing you with fully certified EHR Software, ACOM Health guides you through the process.  We have a team of experts that will stay up to date with all the latest changes going on and provide a roadmap to insure that you are well positioned to take full advantage of the Stimulus incentive Program.

Learn More About The Stimulus and Steps to Qualify…

EHR Incentive 101- What you need to know


We Guarantee Government EHR Stimulus Incentive Payment

ACOM Health is unique in the industry.  We were so successful getting chiropractors paid their share of the stimulus dollars in 2011, 2012, & 2013 that we guarantee qualifying practices installed in 2014 will receive their government incentives… or we’ll refund the cost of the ACOM software!