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HCFA 1500 Form 2 software support now available

Please contact to schedule an update to the RAPID PM software supporting HCFA 1500 Form 2. 

The NEW 1500 Form webinar, Guest Speaker- Dr. Marty Kotlar, DC click (here).... 

Click (here) for step by step instructions how to configure/print to the HCFA 1500 Form.


Microsoft XP: No longer HIPPA / HITECH Compliant

On April 8, 2014, Microsoft officially sunset XP…..With Microsoft no longer providing security patch releases, XP effectively becomes HIPPA / HITECH non-compliant. 

AcomHealth advises all Offices using XP machines to either upgrade those machines or consider purchasing new ones to replace their now non-compliant XP units. 

Before doing so, Offices should consult their IT Specialist to determine the best course of action.  RAPID software requirements can be located by accessing this link (RAPID SPECS).


 PQRS 2014: New Measure (137)

As many Providers have heard, Medicare has added a new PQRS Measure (137)  that Doctor's of Chiropractic are required to report on in 2014. 

For those inquiring as to what Acom's plans are on addressing this new measure within RAPID, please note that Acom plans on addressing this new PQRS Measure within our 2014 Meaningful use Certified DOC...eta early April.  We've made the decision to address this measure this way because (1) Provider's are ONLY required to report on this measure ONCE during the reporting period AND (2) since this new PQRS Measure also happens to be a new Meaningful Use CQM measure in 2014 it only made sense to roll them out together. 

Until such time, Providers if they wish to can address this measure manually as outlined in the attached ACA PQRS Guidebook (page 8)... 

Rapid Backup Services:

Login to access the Backup and Recovery MENU page to learn more about how Rapid Backup works and your Practice's responsibilities.

RAPID Compatibility – (December 5, 2013)  

  Windows 8.1:

    RAPID Kiosk & DOC:     v7.3.r1* is compatible with Windows 8.1

                                            *(contact Support to upgrade before installs Windows 8.1) 

    RAPID PM:                    Workstation:     Fully Tested, see IE 11 Compatibility.  

                                            Server:           Server installation will be available in an upcoming Release. 

 Internet Explorer 11:

    RAPID Kiosk & DOC:     Not applicable - Kiosk does not run/use browser. 

    RAPID PM:                     Workstation - IE 11 compatibility issues addressed in an upcoming release. 

                                                                v4 Users use Internet Explorer 9 or 10, Chrome or Firefox browsers

                                                                v3 Users may use Internet Explorer 9 or 10 only browsers


EHR Stimulus Prepayment Audit: (Updated: 7/31/2013*)

ACOM has been informed that CMS (Medicare) is conducting random "Pre-Payment" Audits as part of the Medicare Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program.  Any providing attesting to receive an EHR incentive payment potentially can be subject to an audit in regard to their participation and attestation in the Medicare EHR Incentive Program.

  1. EHR Incentive Programs: Audit Overview (CMS, FEB 2013), (here)
  2. EHR Incentive Programs: Supporting Documentation for Audits (CMS, FEB 2013), (here)
  3. Sample EHR Audit Letter, (here)
  4. ACOM EHR Incentive Programs: Audit suggestions, (here)


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