Chiropractic Billing and EHR Software

EHR Software Designed Exclusively for Chiropractic

Doctor Proven and Stimulus Certified – RAPID EHR

Documentation and Billing is the lifeblood of your practice, so the EMR solution you choose could be your most vital business decision…

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After all, it’s about revenue and the profitability of your practice.

RAPID Chiropractic EHR Software has the industry’s most comprehensive Diagnostic Notes with:

  • Structured Flow to Help Meet Medical Necessity
  • Balance between Speed & Authenticity
  • Paperless Admission
  • Special Focus on Functional Improvements
  • Point & Click visual helpers and wizards for Ease of Use
  • Customized clinical reports for MD’s and PI attorneys

And the lifeblood of your practice means you must require software integrity, vendor experience and customer service performance….
and ACOM Health maintains an industry leadership position in these important areas


Because we’re part of ACOM Solutions, Inc., delivering software solutions for over 30+ years to small and large customers around the world.

Use our Chiropractic EHR Software and Billing Services to improve your practice!

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